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Save up to 50% of your taxi ride - with real taxis. Download SHÄRE-a-Taxi app now for free!

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Order a taxi, pay a taxi and spontaneously share your taxi - all within one app.
With the free app SHÄRE-a-Taxi it is so easy.


    Download the app and tell us where you want to go!

    We look for existing taxi rides that match your route and offer you the best ways to get to your destination.


    Order your SHÄRE-a-Taxi ride with the app!

    Ride your taxi alone or share it. Simply order a taxi through the app or request a shared ride with a captain.


    Start taxi ride and meet your fellow SHÄRErs!

    We show you on the map, where to meet your fellow taxi-SHÄRErs. Tell the taxi driver where you want to meet your fellow taxi riders.


    Pay your taxi with the app. It is that simple!

    You only pay the fair part of the taxi price. All without cash, as the taxi payment works directly through the app.


Daniel, SHÄRE CTO:

We are working full speed to bring you SHÄRE with full functionality in November.

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